Deepika Said, Who Will Stop Seeing My Film Release, Subramanian Swamy Responded…

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone seems to be very disappointed with lot of controversy even before the release of film Padmavati. The film is being opposed across the many states in country, even during the filming of the film. Some people also attacked Bhansali. People are very angry with the fact that they feel that what has been in our history, it is being misrepresented in the film.

Deepika Padukone, the lead heroine of the movie, said in a conversation with the Times of India: It is completely poor. Where have we come? Where have we come as a nation? Are we really making changes? Deepika also said that the only organization for which we are accountable is the censor board and we are absolutely sure that no else can stop the film from being released. This film will prove to be a big win for this industry as it takes on the big screen.

Anyway, if this movie gets released on time than there is high chance that movie might get some benefits of this controversy.  Now on Deepika, Subramaniam Swamy of BJP has also given a smash reply. Swamy wrote, “Movie star Deepika Padukone is giving us a speech on the change. Changes in the country can come only when it changes from its perspective.

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