Couple Got Married After Finding Each Other On PubG Mobile Game – Read Their Unique Love Story

PUBG Mobile has become popular all over the world today. Users have been quite addicted to this game. People have become so busy in this game that they have no time left for their family. Children playing PUBG Mobile also include. Given this, the Gujarat government has banned the game in the state. Let us know that the Gujarat State Child Rights Protection Commission had recommended the ban on this game.

Chicken dinner together in Pubg and became a Life Partner

After which the State Primary Education Department banned the game in the state. Earlier, the game has been banned in Jammu and Kashmir. Right now, there has been an incident that took place with PUBG Mobile, which shows that this game is not limited to playing only. Two players playing PUBG Mobile each other fell in love and they got married.

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Nourhan-al-Hasheesh is the player associated with the early round of PUBG Mobile. Nourhan plays PUBG Mobile game with his squads and other players. During a normal match, I met a girl. After that, he played with many games and their friendship began to grow like this. After this, Nourhan told Twitter that he is marrying his PUBG partner.

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While writing photos on Twitter, he wrote – “It started with PubG, now we are here …” The love story of these two has not been ascertained further. His tweet has become viral on social media. Their tweets have so far received over 13 thousand likes. More than 2 thousand re-tweets have been received.

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