Competition In BJP And Communist Parties For Modi’s Rally In Solapur

BJP and communist parties are enemies of each other These two parties do not stand in the shadow of each other. But in Solapur, they are coming together in the public meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday. Along with saffron cap, red hats will appear. The Sangh Parivar has planned to bring the CPI (M) not to bring the BJP under any circumstances because of the credit for the meeting of Prime Minister Modi.

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Modi will meet tomorrow with the announcement of his upcoming visit to Solapur Wednesday. Obviously, this government can be a complete program, when Solapur was supposed to announce Modi’s forthcoming Lok Sabha election through the trumpet meeting. Therefore when travelling it will be considered to be a party, navaurja is quite different from the tornado in the form of local CPI (M).

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Former MLA Narsayya Adam Master, who successfully implemented 10,000 ambulance ambitious project for poor female Vidyarthi workers in Solapur, now with the help of the Central and State Government, the construction of the Ray Nagar Mahasangh Home Kules is the highest at the same time. 30,000 unorganized workers have taken the help. This project will be held at the public meeting at Prime Minister Modi’s Indira Gandhi Park Stadium. Therefore, Adam Master is planning to organize workers for this meeting. For this, about 400 BPCs have been set up specifically for the environment. Adam Master is preparing to gather more than 30 thousand people for the meeting. The total capacity of the meeting is of 50 thousand viewers. CPI (M) alone collects 30,000 people ‘Lalbhai’, while the BJP is afraid of hitting the CPM in the entire meeting.

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On this backdrop, the Sangh Parivar should be able to mobilize its ideology to stop this potential power of CPI (M) and the majority of the people should wear ‘saffron hat’ and ‘lotus marks’ of the party in the neck. Instructions have been issued for this.

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To create an atmosphere of the meeting, five hundred boards and 50 arches have been constructed at the battlefield in the city. The BJP has started campaigning for Modi’s rally in the same way as CPI (M) had started campaigning from Rickshaw last week after holding the cornerstone of the program.

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With the initiative of the CPI (M) in Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s meeting in Solapur, the foundation for the foundation of 30,000 unorganized workers will be laid. Therefore, the BJP’s board has started with CPI (M).

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