Common 5 Mistakes you should avoid while purchasing Smart Phone

Buying a new smartphone is a difficult task. You are so confused with so many choices in the market that you just get stuck sometimes.

With the growing needs for operating system, apps, games, etc. a smartphone often becomes insufficient, sluggish and sometimes even obsolete. For ensuring that you are able to use your phone to the fullest it is important that you buy your phone carefully. However, the decision to buy a new phone isn’t just that the older one is slow or sluggish. A lot of people have a notion that their phone is old now and other people have a better phone than what they have. It is a sad reality and you don’t have to purchase a new phone if your old handset is fulfilling all your basic needs.

Still, if you have to buy a new phone, be careful and don’t be fooled. Below are the 5 common mistakes that people make while buying smartphones. Make sure you don’t make them.

  1. Do you need a new smartphone?

It might sound odd but wait for the catch. Most of the people get a lot from their smartphone. But, if you have a tablet which has an internet connection, and if you carry it everywhere you go, a new smartphone would just be wastage of money. Similarly, if you don’t use the apps or if you don’t want them, a new smartphone would be of no use to you.

  1. Don’t be loyal to platforms

Customer loyalty does not mean anything while buying a new smartphone. You don’t need to buy an Android phone just because of the reason that you use only Google services. For instant you don’t have to buy iPhone if you are using a MacBook. You always need to consider your requirements and the platforms available with you before actually buying a phone. Irrespective of the number of apps you have on a particular platform; it might not fulfil your needs.

  1. Don’t be scared of dumping your carrier or changing your plan

Most of the mobile carriers are pretty awful. They overcharge and lock you into contracts. They would do everything possible to freight you with a lot of charges. So, once your contract is over, it is up. Look at each and every carrier, the coverage map they have and what are you going to pay for services you wish to get. Similarly, pull all the data and then see what you are using. If you are using Wi-Fi more then what’s the point on paying for mobile data.

  1. Buy an unlocked phone if possible

It might not be always possible, but unlocked phones are becoming more and more common these days. But, they are still rare to be found as compared to the locked phones. “Locked” here means “would function only on some networks”. This is also to keep you away from switching carriers when they want to raise the rates. But the worst part is that it means that what you have paid for would not work if you want to change the carrier.

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