Chris Hemsworth – The Thor of Avengers Series Wants To Come In India With Children

The famous actor Chris Hemsworth, who played the role of Thor in the Avengers film series, is now coming to save the world from the aliens. He is very excited about the release of her new film Men In Black: International. Recalling the shooting of his film under Dhaka in India, Chris said that India is a safe country and if he gets the chance he would like to come here with his children too.

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Talking to journalists here in Bali about their upcoming film Men in Black: International, Chris said that the idea of ​​the multiverse in Hollywood movies is growing rapidly and if the MiB produces agents in this series in the next films The story of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones is also included, they will be happy.

Special invite to Amar Ujala

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Amar Ujala, the only Hindi newspaper to join this Pan-Asian Media Summit of Sony Pictures Entertainment. On the eve of the press conference, Chris spent a lot of time with his fans from all over Asia. Indonesia is one of Chris Hemsworth’s favorite places. He has also married himself here too. Here, Chris Hemsworth, an avid learner of surfing and scuba diving, also has an exclusive meeting with Amar Ujala. Earlier in the press conference, Chris answered questions related to the film Men in Black: International.

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The Balance Of Comedy and Action

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Asked that before the Avengers and Now Man in Black, his character appears to be trying to maintain the balance of action and comedy, Chris said that earlier characters of Men in Black have established a tradition of this story and he will try their best to maintain it. Concerning her pair with Emma Thompson in the film, he said, “We both have worked together before, so there is no difficulty when shooting this film.” Because of our familiarity, our coordination has been excellent since the early days of the shoot.

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Not Yet Seen MIB Films

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Chris said that before starting the shooting of Men in Black: International, he has not seen any of the three films that have been released so far. And, he did so that the characters of earlier films did not have any effect on them. He wanted to do something different in this film of this franchise and, as far as he thought, he managed to do the same.

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Thanks For The Love in India

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When asked about the experiences of shooting his film in Dhaka, Chris said that he was surprised by seeing thousands of crowds in the shoot while shooting, but the crowd did not disturb any time during the shoot. Asked if he would like to take his children to India, Chris said, Sure, India is a country of enthusiasts and according to me, it is a very safe place to go with the family.