Chance To Win Rs.1 Crore in PUBG Tournament 2019 – You Can Be A Millionaire With Chicken Dinner

The mobile game PubG Mobile has achieved great success since its launch, and so far 20 million downloads have been downloaded. Its producer Tencent Games and PubG Corporation have announced the Oppo PubG Mobile India Series 2019, which will be the first official open-to-all tournament to be held in India.

The winner of this series will get prize money of Rs.1 crore. The company said in a statement on Thursday that it is a concrete step to demonstrate commitment towards developing a sustainable ecosystem for e-sport in the country. In addition to the fantastic prize money of Rs.1 crore, participating in this tournament, the Oppo sponsored phones can also be won.

The statement said that the company had organized the first official PBG Mobile Championship Campus in October last year, which received a huge response. For this tournament, more than 2,50,000 registrations have been received from more than 1000 colleges in 30 cities within three weeks.

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