Best 5 Travel Destination To Make This Republic Day Memorable

If you are thinking of roaming on the 26th of January, then take a look at the Travel Destination given here, where you will get a different feeling of patriotism.

1. Wagah Border, Punjab

In India, there is a village situated between Amritsar and Pakistan in Lahore, from where the boundaries of the two countries seem to be. This is the only road route between India and Pakistan. Amritsar distance is 32 km and Lahore distance is 22 km. Here is the colourful program to take out the daily flag. In which people come from the corners of the country to take part. And by singing the national anthem, Jai Bharat Mata shouted slogans and raised the morale of the soldiers present there. So this is a very good place to celebrate Republic Day.

2. Sabarmati Ashram, Gujarat

Sabarmati Ashram, on the banks of the Sabarmati river, from where Gandhiji started the journey of Dandi. Well, this place is also known for the salt movement in 1930. Mahatma Gandhi stayed here for 12 years and trained people to participate in the freedom movement while walking on the path of truth, non-violence. Although this place has now been transformed into a tourist destination where about 7 lakh people come to visit every year. All the things related to Gandhiji in the ashram have been kept very handy. There is also a library with 35000 books, 34111 letters, 1371 manuscripts, 210 Hindi, Gujarati and English films, 106 video cassettes, 612 audio cassettes and a diary of Gandhiji. So, on the occasion of Republic Day, you can make your day special by planning to come here.

3. Red Fort, Delhi

Red Fort is located in old Delhi. Among the beautiful tourist spots, this fort is spread over 250 acres and is made of red sandstone. A spectacular sample of Indian, Persian and European architecture will be seen in this fort. You can also enjoy your whole day by coming here on the 26th of January. There is a Chatta Chowk Market here. From where you can buy beautiful things of handicrafts. Nearby is the Chandni Chowk, where the paratha street is famous all over the world.

4. Netaji Bhawan, West Bengal

The idea of roaming Netaji Bhawan, the residence of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, will also be good on the occasion of Republic Day. Netaji’s birthday is worth a visit to the temple on both the 23rd of January and the 26th of January. There are many things related to Netaji in the building. Netaji’s car in which he ran from Kolkata to Gomo. His bedroom is still in the same form as he had left. Coats, old photographs, watches, clothes and Ayurvedic medicines are all like that. Like Gandhiji, Netaji too had a huge contribution in liberating the country.

5. India Gate, New Delhi

It is special in itself to see the parade of soldiers on January 26 at India Gate. Moving step by step, his parade, patriotic songs and the beautiful floats of different states gather crowds from different corners of the world.

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