Best 5 Destination In Foreign Countries To Travel In Budget, Daily Expenses Are Too Small

Going abroad is the dream of everybody. People want to go overseas once a year and go shopping there. Share your new photos on social media accounts, but when you think about the budget, you plan to move somewhere in Shimla, Manali or Goa. We are going to tell you some countries where you can easily roam around. There are some countries where you can roam without worrying about the budget:-

The cost of a person’s arrival ticket will not be more than 9 thousand. The cost of stay will be Rs.1500. The choice of food will get up to Rs 100, although the budget can be slightly more and more, so take some more money from the budget.

The cost of going to Sri Lanka will be around 11,000 to 12,000 rupees. There will be an about Rs.1000 for a night stay and if you eat it, then it will not cost more than 400 rupees per day.

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Malaysia is a very beautiful place. You have to pay Rs.10,000 to travel here. Apart from this, about Rs.600 will be spent every day. 300 rupees will be filled in food. If you like shopping more then you have to keep your money aside.

Everyone loves to roam Singapore. Let me tell you the ticket to travel here will be in Rs.16000. Cheap accommodation is available in the hostels to stop here. It costs Rs.1500 per day. In Rs.500 you can eat food at the Hawker Center there.

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The name of the Maldives is on everyone’s tongue. The cost of going and coming here will be up to Rs.20,000. You have to spend Rs.1500 for a night stay in the guest house there. In the restaurant, there will be good food for Rs.200.

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