Ayushman Khurana and wife Tahira’s filmy love story

From Channel V’s Popstars in 2002, to the present day, it’s been quite an interesting journey for Ayushman Khurana. The nation today is crushing on him. Ladies have given their hearts to him. But his heart basically lies with his ladylove, Tahira Kashyap, whom he loved since he was just a teenager.


Very few of you must know who his wife is. So Tahira Kashyap is a professor of journalism, a published author, a guest lecturer and a soon to be movie director. You though only Ayushman was multi-talented.

The story of how Ayushman and his wife Tahira met is a hopeless romantic one. Tahira belongs to Chandigarh, and both of them used to attend the same tuition and once their adolescent love blossomed into a lifetime companionship, they both did not even realise it. In 2012, in a column published in India Today, his wife was seen citing that they were in love and it was a filmy love story.

Their story goes back to twelve years. According to Tahira, dating during those days used to be a very different kind of experience. She also says that they both were very slow and also shy. Both of them used to go to the same Physics tuition class in 12th standard. It used to be a batch of approximately 60 students and when they first met, Tahira thought his name is Abhishek.

Tahira as well as one of her friends both had crush on this dimpled boy but both pretended to straight ignore him. But, they did not talk for about an year. But because of a filmy twist they again met.

One day Tahira along with her mom and dad went to her dad’s friend’s place. He told them that he has a friend who is an astrologer so she quickly called her friend over and told her everything about this dinner. She planned to ask him about her grades in her entrance and competitive exams. When they arrived for dinner, she was shocked to see Ayushman there, who was also one of her father’s friend’s sons.

That’s how they started talking to each other and fell in love with each other. They also acted in several plays together, did their studies together and have been together through each other’s thick and thin.

After Ayushman’s first move, Vicky Donor, he moved to the Bollywood city and Tahira stayed back in Chandigarh. She moved with him in 2015.

They have been blessed with 2kids, a baby girl, Vrushka and a baby boy, Virajveer.

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