Avoid These Costly Marketing Mistakes In 2019

From the past few years, online marketing has become an important component of the marketing strategies to promote a brand, product or services. Several businesses blossomed online in 2018, and the same expectation is in 2019 if digital marketing happens correctly.

According to B2B marketing strategies, 90% of B2B marketers market content to ultimately attract and retain customers. It’s one of the best ways to make a brand reputation, increase brand trust, extend brand reach, and increase sales.

However, branding mistakes and pitfalls can always plague your established, respected brand while affecting the company’s values. Moreover, without good content, if you are trying to attract the audience, then you are putting your business at risk.

Like 2018, this year can also become a massive year in revenue generation, but it is possible if you avoid these costly marketing mistakes.

Content Marketing Mistakes

We always hear that content is king! Content is forte of any online business. However, how much we understand these are entirely a different story.

Implementing a business idea with a few additional characteristics and features is pretty cool, but copying content exactly from a website to yours is a huge mistake. We say it because audience attracts to the originality of the content, not to a poorly written low-quality content.

Preparing a few basic content marketing strategies takes less than an hour. If you don’t have a documented content marketing strategy then it will be difficult to increase the productivity of the content for attracting the audience.

“Don’t publish content which no one would like to read.”

It is easy to create content online but realizing the importance of successful content marketing for revenue generation is also important. Therefore, you need to make sustainable efforts and have an effective content promotion strategy rather than waiting and relying on content’s self-promotion.

Marketing Data Mistakes

Data is a significant part in solving marketing puzzles and technology has brought that data on our fingertips. Understanding the audience, tracking the success of the marketing campaign, etc. give insight and lets you generate data while implementing marketing strategies.

But, entirely relying on data can set yourself to failure by decreasing the revenue generation because data has its limitations, inaccuracies, and it could be biased towards one group.

Not Optimizing For The Mobile

Since the last ten years, the total percentage of Americans who owns a smartphone has increased. The rise of mobile in browsing and buying goods or services online explains why Google is giving SEO priority to the mobile-optimized sites.

“If you are running an online business, portal, or you are an online service provider, you must invest heavily in making apps, optimized sites that can run on any operating system globally.”

Users or consumers nowadays crave more on their mobile devices. Those who act on such marketing trend inevitably gain momentum over its other competitors and never fall behind.

Cobranding Might Flop

Partnering with other brands belonging to your sector provide your brand’s additional awareness and engage a new group of audiences. But, sometimes it can wreak the internal organization if co-branding is planned poorly.

Do your due care before partnering with any other brands and make sure that all brands have the same goals. Brand synergy and communication styles play a big role in determining whether the partnership will be beneficial to all partners or not. Co-branding requires consistency, strategic market planning and lead generation planning to increase sales. On the other hand, it can become a big mistake if not properly executed for a longer period of time.

Never Change Strategies Before Understanding Audience

You can find several articles on content marketing in 2019 suggesting you to change strategies of marketing in order to increase productivity. Every brand, each service has its specific audience which generates business and income. At the times when digital marketing became a household name, it is very important to target your business online between a specific audience who wishes to definitely have it.

Thus, understand your audience first and then try to change your marketing strategies according to location, age group, need in the industry, requirement among consumers, etc.

Always Track Content Marketing ROI

According to the research, marketing eats lots of money and half of the marketers do not track the ROI of their marketing but wait for the results to show.

It’s difficult to draw a conclusion about whether your marketing is working on right places unless you don’t track ROI to check your content marketing efforts. Some of the most important content marketing metrics you can check to keep a track on ROI are as follows:

● Social shares
● Engagement
● Backlinks
● Traffic
● Conversion rate
● Click-through rate
● Sales generation rate
● Leads generated
● Email opt-in rates
● Lead close rate

“There can be many more potential metrics, but these are the few key marketing stats which a marketer must check rather than avoiding them.”

Many of these mistakes are harmless and common but might break your content marketing efforts. Once these mistakes are solved, there are greater chances of revenue generation, increase in productivity and sales.


Marketing strategies change time to time depending upon the need of business branding and promotion. While online marketing is majorly focused on attracting and retaining users to increase ROI, productivity, and sales, not every marketer gets success in the world wide web market. However, to do digital marketing effectively, focus more on avoiding a few costly marketing mistakes to get a better success rate in 2019.