Akshay Kumar And Rohit Shetty’s Upcoming Movie Sooryavanshi – All You About To Know

Avengers Endgame has made televisions globally. The movie has made an unprecedented amount at the box office. All the superheroes of Marvel Universe appeared in this film together. Now Ajay Devgn thinks that Rohit Shetty can complete the concept of Suryavanshi Universe directed.

Talking to news agency PTI, Ajay Devgn said that even in Bollywood, there is a lot of scope for Universe Concept. Singham is an important franchise. Then, ‘Simba‘ is a different series. Now, if Suryavanshi is also a successful franchise then it will be like the Avengers. Ajay further says that the Ironman or any other Avenger. When all come together in one film, people go to see it. The fairytale of every superhero will be seen. If this character becomes stronger with time then people wait for it. But, it is very important to have a strong script. If the script is weak then anybody can fail.

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These days, the trend of coop drama in Bollywood is on the whimsy, but Rohit Shetty is the first director who has started a separate Cop Universe. Along with Ajay Devgn, he has started with Singham, whose two films have already arrived and both of them were successful. Last year Ranveer Singh came with Simba, who was a box office hit. Now Akshay Kumar is taking Sooryavanshi, which is being released on Eid next year. In this movie, Katrina Kaif is in Female lead role.

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It is also discussed that Sooryavanshi can see the glimpse of ‘Singham‘ and Simba. Rohit shared the glimpse of Suryavanshi in the climax of Simba. In the last scene, Singham was shown talking to Suryavanshi. Suryavanshi’s first look also showed a glimpse of Singham and Simba. At present Ajay Devgn’s film, ‘De De Pyaar De‘ is in the theaters and has crossed the 50-crore mark. At the same time, Avengers Endgame, released on April 26, has made more than 360 million collections in India. This is the first Hollywood movie to go to 300 million clubs in India.

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