Adventurous And Low Budget Trip For 2 to 3 Days In Chakrata Uttarakhand

It is seen as a small and beautiful hill town. This place is special for those who spend some time away from everyday life and the noise of the metropolis. By the way, if you are looking for such a place for some exciting sports as well as natural beauty, then this area of ​​Jaunsar Bawar i.e. will be chaotic.

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Whether to do camping or rafting or trekking, everything here will get convenience. The idea of ​​rapping, rock climbing, is also the perfect place for them. An enjoyable full package is available here. Historical, archaeological, social and cultural splendor is scattered in this place. As soon as you come here, you will say that this is our dream world!

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Traditional Houses of Jaunsar-Bawar

The area of ​​Jaunsar-Bawar, situated between Yamuna, Tons and Power River, is spread over 463 square miles. Due to the crossing of the Jamuna (Yamuna) river, this area is called Jamna Paro terrain, which was later popularized by the name Jaunasar. The north-directional area was called the Bawar due to the power river. In the east, Yamuna river, Uttarkashi in the north and some areas of Himachal Pradesh, Tons river in the west and Schwadron-Vikasnagar area in the south, and this area is also inhabited by Chakrata, a cantonment area.

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If Jaunsar-Bawar comes, you will be amazed at the traditional houses here, which are very different from the common houses. These houses made of stone and wood are made in pagoda style. The sloping roof of these houses is made of mountain gray stones. One of four rooms are built on each floor of these houses have two, three or four floors. These houses are not cold in winter. Another special thing Most cedar wood is used in the construction of these houses. It is made by looking at the fine carving on it.

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Special For Tracking And Repping

The beautiful instruments of Jaunesar-Bawar are particularly favorable for the amusement of tracking. Local resident Pankaj Chauhan says, when the season is favorable, there is a crowd of tourists here. In the context of adventurous tourism, hills of Chakrata are considered suitable for trekking and rapping enthusiasts.

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Here touring and wrapping is done to tourists near Chakrata, Mundali, Buller, Moilla Top, Khandala, Kimola Falls, and surrounding peaks. Rohan Rana, who operates the local Irony Hotel, points out that near Boulder, there is a series of caves and small peaks. In the summer, there are tourists from different cities and metropolitan cities for trekking. Trained youths are kept here to make trekking and repping tourists.

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Beautiful House Of Memories

Chakrata, situated at an altitude of about 7,000 feet above sea level, was built by the British as a cantonment area. Colonel H. Robert Hume of the 55th Sirmaur Regiment established Chakrata Cantonment in the year 1869. Earlier in the year 1815, the British East India Company had taken Junsar-Bawar under his control. During this time, the route from Mussoorie to Shimla via Shilpatta was built on foot.

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In 1927, there were two branches of gymnasium cinema in Chakrata Kalana Cantonment where only cinemas were shown in summer. There are still remains of this, which make this area home of beautiful memories. There are also old-time Roman Catholic and Scottish churches who come here to tell the story of the past.