5 Effective Posture To Remove Cervical Pain

By ignoring neck pain or avoiding pain with the help of normal medicines, It grows slowly-slowly. But with the ease of pain in yoga, they can be removed from the root.

Due to sitting throughout the day, sitting on the chair or sofa, not walking straight and less physical hard work, many times our bones, neck and back bones are affected and pain starts. One such pain is the cervical pain, which is affecting the neck, which is affecting the elderly as well as young children. By continuing to ignore these pain starting from the neck or avoiding the usual medicines of pain, it gradually increases. After neck the pain reaches the waist and feet. Which is very painful. There is no other way better than using this yoga. So today we will learn about some such yoga sessions.

Some Effective Posture To Fix Cervical Pen (Neck Pain)

Micro Exercise 1

In this, you sit in the position of Vajrasana or Sukhasana directly, by putting a fist of both hands, place something in front of the chest like this. Then slowly filling the fist towards the front, keep in mind that the fist of your palm should not be opened in between. You have to stretch your wrist as much as possible. Forward, for a few seconds you have to stop in full condition, then gradually leaving the breath, you have to come back to the normal position. You will repeat this sequence consistently 10 to 15 times. Through its constant practice, the hands from the hands to the neck will open and the cervical pain will be cured.

Micro Exercise 2

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In this, you sit directly in the position of Vajrasana or Sukhsana, gradually stretching the neck and pulling upwards. While breathing, you have to stretch the neck upward, then leaving the breath in the opposite direction is to stretch downwards. In this, you sit directly in the position of Vajrasana or Sukhasana, gradually turning the neck upward Stretch. While breathing, you have to stretch the neck upward, then leaving the breath in the opposite direction is to stretch downwards. Keep in mind when you stretch upwards, you have to breath and when you bring neck towards the bottom, you have to give up your breath. In trying to bring down the side you have to practice your chin with your throat. By continuously exercising 5 to 10 times you will get relief in neck pain.

Micro Exercise 3

In this you will first twist your neck. While breathing, slowly twist one side will take the neck in one direction, gradually returning to the normal position while breathing. The same action will then take you back in the opposite direction, bringing breath back and bringing it back to normalcy. You have to practice neck twisting consistently with 10 to 15 times breath in both directions. Continuing this exercise for 10 to 15 days you will get relief in neck pain.

Fourth Posture is Ustrasana

First of all, you sit in the position of Vajrasana, then gradually stand on the knees, and then rotate the whole round of any one of your hands, take it on your heels and give it a hinge, when one hand is fully tickled on the heel After that, take the second hand back with the same condition and leave it with the other heel. You have to stop for some time after coming to the full posture, as far as possible to stretch the waist towards the front, that is to stretch the legs in the opposite direction and to pull the neck backwards and stay for longer periods of time. You have to stay in this position for at least 10 to 15 seconds. When you come back to posture, it is exactly the same way you came back. Slowly move one arm and bring it forward and then the other hand. Continuous 10-15 exercises per day, you
will get complete rest in neck pain within a few days.

Fifth Posture is Anuloma-Viloma Pranayama

In this, you first sit in the position of Vajrasana or Sukhasan. Keep one hand in the Gyanmudra, using the index finger of the other hand and finger ring finger, you will close each nostril, open the other. At first you will close your right nostril and breathe from the left nostril and then slowly release it from the right nostril, you have to breathe with the right nostril and then leave it to the left, you will have to repeat this activity for 15 to 20 minutes. With a nostril you have to breathe, you have to leave the breath from the other nostril. The most careful thing is that you have to start with the right nostril and when you end it, you will end this process as you release breath from the right nostril. By practicing this pranayama continuously for 15 to 20 minutes, you will get rid of neck pain completely in
a few days.

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The 5 exercises of neck pain that we talked about can be practiced by anybody, any age person. Whenever you feel a slight neck pain, you can get relief immediately by practicing it.

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