4 Diseases Can Be Increase Due To Deficiency Of Vitamin D During Winters

Vitamin D deficiency is dangerous for our body because it is the vitamin that helps absorb calcium in our body. In such a way, vitamin D deficiency in the body increases the risk of many diseases. In the freezing weather, there is less sunlight and many people do not even sunbathe, so due to its deficiency, certain problems can start.

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Vitamin D deficiency in winter season affects blood pressure and heart health, so it can be dangerous. Let’s tell you about the problems of Vitamin D deficiency in the cold.

  • Risk Of Asthma

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Asthma can happen in winter season due to deficiency of Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency and lung function have a direct connection. This relationship is especially seen in children. It has also come to the fore that vitamin D helps keep the protein-producing the swelling away from the lungs. Along with this, it also helps in boosting inflammation-causing proteins.

  • Heart Diseases

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Vitamin D deficiency in winter increases the risk of getting heart disease. Victims of Vitamin D deficiency are more likely to have a heart attack. Along with this, the risk of other cardiovascular diseases is also high. The reason for this is that deficiency of vitamin D increases blood pressure and affects the heart.

  • Arthritis And Other Diseases

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Vitamin D deficiency is directly related to inflammatory diseases. If there is not enough vitamin D in the body then the risk of Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Type-1 diabetes increases.

  • Anemia in Children

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Vitamin D deficiency also affects the production of red blood cells. This problem is especially found in children. If the level of Vitamin D in the blood is less than 30 nanograms per milliliter, then the child’s anemia is expected to suffer. Therefore, in order to overcome the shortage of vitamin D in children, diet and sunshine containing vitamin D should be consumed.

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