10 Things You Should Know For Take Care of Your Child in Winter

The winter season comes with various health problems for people of all ages. But most of the impact of cold falls on children. Because in this season, viruses and bacteria attack children very quickly.

Due to which they suffer from colds, nose closures, difficulty in breathing, throat infections, viral diarrhea, pneumonia, fever. Therefore, children need special care during the winter season. But keeping these things in mind, you can keep your child healthy during the winter season.

These 10 Things You Should Know:-

1. Instead of putting too much clothes to protect the children from the cold, cover their pole, their palm and their ears and head, because most of these parts of the body are lost in heat and the fear of being cold is the most it happens. So keep the kids’ hats, gloves and socks inevitable.

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2. Sunshine is very important for good health. Do your child some sun bath in the morning. This will give them vitamin D along with fresh air.

3. Never use room heater around children. Because dry air emitting from the heater is very harmful for the children.

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4. Avoid daily bathing during the winter season. Rather, soak the towel in warm water and clean their body. This will not make them cold and they will become clean too.

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5. Make sure to massage their skin with light hot oil before bathing.

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6. Children often remove the quilt while sleeping. So they get cold. So before bedtime children should wear a thin hot quilt on their bed and keep a hot water bottle for a while and warm them up and wear them with warm clothes and wear wool. So that if the child does not wear the quilt then he should be saved from the cold.

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7. If the child is more than one year old, then he can feed hot fruits and vegetables according to the weather. Fresh juices can also give.

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8. Give the child steam with the help of steamer from time to time or on cold.

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9. Never cover their face while sleeping. Doing this can suffocate the child’s breath.

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10. Put the child in the winter with a diaper and keep changing it a little later. This will not cause the child to get cold.

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